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Are you looking to buy CENFORCE D 100mg ?

These highly potent erectile dysfunction pills contain a whopping , , of Sildenafil. This erectile aid is not suitable for beginners! If you're not familiar with Generic Sildenafil pills like the CENFORCE D 100mg, consider trying the other erection pills from Cenforce 150 or with 100mg of Sildenafil first. We always recommend consulting with your doctor before trying this medication.

What is the active ingredient in CENFORCE D 100mg ?

The substance that causes the erection to swell is called Sildenafil According to a scientific study by Pfizer, this substance apparently caused erections in patients. Pfizer didn't keep this a secret, and before you knew it, there was finally an effective little erection pill on the market. After the patent expired in 2013, generic (identical) variants became available, such as the CENFORCE D 100mg other generic pills are Kamagra 100mg, Cobra 120mg, Cobra 200mg, Kamagra Jelly Oral Kamagra Super, Kamagra Fizziante, Kamagra Polo and the new kid on the block: Lovegra 100 pills and jelly! "The Female Viagra" its called or some call it the "Libidobooster for Her" want to wich one it is? Try it now for just €9 euro!

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Whats the onset time for CENFORCE D 100mg?

The onset time of Cenforce is 30 to 60 minutes, and the effect lasts approximately 4 to 8 hours. Fortunately, you only get an erection when you are aroused. Drink enough water during use and limit alcohol to a minimum. The use in combination with alcohol is strongly discouraged due to the high dose of herbal.

Whats in the CENFORCE D 100mg delivery box?

All Cenforce brand erection pills  are delivered per strip, with each strip containing 10 film-coated tablets. The color of the tablets is black (200mg) red (150mg) and blue (100mg). Prefer a lower dose? You can break or cut with a stainless steel scissor CENFORCE D 100mg into smaller pieces. We do not recommend mixing Sildenafil with alcohol or drugs. 

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